About Me

Ripton Rosen is a data science professional, investor, and entrepreneur with a diverse background. He is passionate about the intersection of data analytics, creativity and business. Rosen's areas of interest include eSports, video games and entertainment.

Career History

Ripton Rosen began his career as the co-founder and business development director of FanFare Sports Technologies in June 2016. Fanfare develops in-stadium entertainment solutions that increase fan engagement. He also worked part-time as an adult and youth sports supervisor and as a math tutor and teacher from June 2016 to November 2018.

In November 2018, he co-founded Sông Cái Distillery and served as its Head of Digital Strategy until February 2020. Sông Cái is a first-of-its-kind Vietnamese distillery.

From February 2020 through September 2021, Rosen was a fitness instructor, trainer, and social media support person for Row House. His contributions were instrumental in opening the new fitness studio. He is currently an investor in New York City.

Academic History 

Rosen graduated from Brooklyn Friends School in 2009 as a talented baseball player. He received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in physics from Elon University in 2016. He enrolled in the Flatiron School data science program from 2020 to 2021.

Professional Skills

Mr. Rosen has gained a variety of skills throughout his varied career.

Data Science Skills

Mr. Rosen's data science skills include the following:

● Data analysis


● Python Programming

Data scientists analyze data for actionable insights. Data scientists identify the questions organizations should ask and determine how to answer those questions using data. They are often involved in developing predictive models that help organizations make better decisions.

Business Skills

Rosen's business skills include the following:

● Brand strategy and management

● Digital Strategy

● Entrepreneurship

● Launching startups

● Social media support

Digital strategy managers utilize technical knowledge to direct digital industry growth. They collaborate with business development, marketing, and organization management teams to build strategic partnerships.

Entrepreneurs bring ideas for products and services to market. Entrepreneurs are often innovators and risk-takers. In addition to generating ideas, entrepreneurs must build the organizations necessary to make those ideas into a sellable product.

Brand managers develop brand strategies for a company. They oversee various business functions, including communication channels, branding, promotions, product development, and market research.

Social media support personnel maintain communication channels to help resolve customer questions, concerns, and problems. Social media support is essential for modern businesses since many younger customers prefer social media to phone support.

Licenses and Certifications

Ripton Rosen has certifications in the following:

● Getting Started in Google Analytics

● Analyze Data with SQL

● Databases and SQL for Data Science

● Python for Data Science and AI

He was also previously licensed in CPR & AED with the American Red Cross.

Charitable Involvement

Rosen has volunteered with New York Cares since 2012 in youth recreation and food security. New York Cares is best known for the annual coat drive it has run for 33 years. However, it also runs year-round programs to address issues such as homelessness, hunger, educational inequity, and the environment. New York Cares volunteers serve in soup kitchens, schools, public parks, senior centers, libraries, and other nonprofits.

Published Works

Ripton Rosen has published two articles on Medium.

Gradient Descent: Into the Algorithm

The Gradient Descent is an iterative process that is one of the most frequently used algorithms in machine learning. In this article, Rosen explains how the algorithm works.

So, Every Movie Is a Sequel

In this article, Rosen talks about how most top-grossing Hollywood films are sequels, spinoffs, remakes or part of an existing universe. He explains why this phenomenon has led studios to snap up all the intellectual property they can get.

Rosen is the adopted son of real-estate developer Michael Rosen. When Ripton was seven, he and his brother Morgan became friends with six local boys near their East Village penthouse apartment.

Ripton first met the boys when he joined a pickup baseball game. He would later invite them over to his house to play Nintendo. The boys, who all lived in nearby housing projects, would become regulars in the Rosen household, frequently coming over for dinner and video games after a day of playing baseball.

Eventually, the family moved several of the boys into the house with permission from their families and helped several of them go to college. Ripton's father would later publish a memoir titled "What Else But Home: Seven Boys and an American Journey Between the Projects and the Penthouse '' that details the family's journey.

Ripton Rosen's experience growing up with this extended family inspired his interest in volunteering with New York Cares to provide recreational opportunities for young people in the city and assist people living with food insecurity. Like his father, Ripton lives in New York and is an investor.


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